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Earth Pig

The aardvark whose name means ‘earth pig’ in the Afrikaans language has a long snout but does not resemble a pig in any other way.
A timid animal, it hides in burrows during the day, and comes out at night in search of food – ants and termites. It uses its powerful claws to dig up the ground to get at its prey. If danger threatens, it digs furiously and escapes into the ground taking only a few minutes to cover itself completely in the soil.
After digging out its prey the aardvark gathers the ants or termites with its long, sticky tongue. Its teeth are not of much use to it. Unlike the teeth of other mammals whose teeth are covered with enamel, the aardvark’s teeth are covered with a soft, grey substance called cementum.
The animal is found only in Africa.

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Its chief enemies are men and lions both of whom hunt it for food. As its only weapons are its claws, if it is cornered it rolls on its back and uses its claws to defend itself.

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