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The Smallest Monkey

The pygmy marmoset of South America is the smallest living monkey in the world. It is a mere 35 cm long, including the tail and weighs about 80-100 grams. It lives in the tropical rain forests of South America, in the upper reaches of the Amazon basin. It has a tawny coat sprinkled with grey and its tail is ringed. It has a soft, silky mane of fur on its head and cheeks.
Marmosets are quite unlike Old World monkeys and other New World monkeys in many ways. They have claws instead of flat nails on their hands and feet, except for the big toe. They usually give birth to non-identical twins. Only one female in a group of about 15 members breeds and raises young. Older siblings may remain in the group even when they have reached adulthood. They and the father help care for the young.

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The father carries the infants on his back returning them to the mother only at feeding time!
Pygmy marmosets feed mostly on tree sap or gum, but will also eat spiders, insects, flowers and fruit. They have special chisel-like teeth with which they gouge oval-shaped holes in tree bark.
They have been known to live in captivity for over 11 years. Though they are not endangered, destruction of their habitat is their biggest threat.

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That monkey rox. It is sooooo cute
curtis koop
In 1992 I lived In Vancouver and I belive that the Crystal gardens had an exibit of these monkeys. I was wondering since they are not endangered if it's possible to buy them as a pet.
laura beasley
I love monkeys & one day I want to get me one.
monkeys R' us
I want to get a houseful of these monkeys, but I have one concern, I want to take them on walks and don't really know if there is a certain leash I should purchase in order to do so. I want at least 10.
Monkeys are cool
RCD Jade
Little monkeys are funny
florian generale
Thanks this is my need and favourite animal you giving me........this is the nice image picture too.....I think that many people searching will like here
I love that is so cute..I want to have one!!!
That must be one of the ugliest monkeys I've ever seen. You all must be blind.
It is an ugly little guy...but regardless of that, do they make good pets and does anyone own one that can share their point of view on owning one of them? Thanks
I love monkeys so much but most of them are very big, but because I heard they are now dying out could you get one as a pet?
omg!!! that monkey is so cute!!! I was just wondering if you had any info on if you can get one as a pet please e-mail me
Thats not the smallest monkey on the world. The smallest monkey in the world in the Tarsier. Look it up.
The tarsier isn't actually a monkey.
You really need to do some research! The smallest monkey in the world is the Tarsier. James is right. LOOK IT UP!!! Monkeys are really cool
I think that Tarsiers are very cute and would love to have one as a pet. Does anyone know where I could locate one?
Tarsiers are not monkeys. They are primates, but have a family of their own. Look it up here:
I love monkeys they are so awesome. I have a lot of stuffed animals of monkeys.
I love that monkey its so cute. All the people think that monkey is ugly.
Wow I luv monkey's too. Well these monkey's are soooo CUTE and SMALL. I'd luv to have some for petz.
That monkey is the cutest thing in the world.
curtis k
Does any one out there know for sure if the marmoset monkey is a carrier of monkey pox? I was looking into getting a pair but have concerns about this highly contagious disease that can kill humans.
I have to do reasrch on it. So send more.
You can find a tarsier in our country PHILIPPINES!! But it's not for having as a pet.
Alex Pitceathly
How can I adopt such a wonderful creature.
I am doing a report on the pygmy marmoset. It is so cute!
I am not that familiar with the monkey's name, but his description is of his length being the size of a human thumb(or pinkey) and very furry and fragile. To me the monkey resembles more like a rodent than a primate. If you type the "smallest monkey in the word" in the yahoo image search they'll give you a pic of it.
I'm doing an essay on pygmy marmosets. im stuck. Websites are getting less and less resourceful. But this one rocks!
Thanks for the information it will help a lot in my project at school.
I love monkeys
Thanks for the info I didn't know how cute they were.
I have made a book about monkeys.
jozle alfaro
I dont believe that that is the smallest monkey in the world my uncle is a scientist and they made a research about monkeys and saw every monkey the weigh less than a kilogram and he said that the smallest monkeys in the world was a tarsier which is only found in philippines38)
I love small monkey!
sarah thomas
can you buy these as pets??? If so how much are they???
I want to buy one. someone email me and tell me how!
nat (shortstuf)
I think this kind of mokey is the best ever. They are so little when they are babys. my friend Alex (JR.) pretend that we are the monkey. we climb all over the place. Its so much fun together.
people wanting to own these as pets is wrong, they are WILD animals that need a proper habitat if to be held in captivity. Leave human interaction to the primate specialists.
how much are the smallest monkeys in the world ? just wondering
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