Winners of Contest No. 145

Find the Missing Number

Thanks to all the Participants.
We got a lot of submissions but many left  either the Name or the email column blank. We are not in a position to find out who sent them. Hence they are disqualified!
Dear Friends, Next time Do remember to fill the Name and E-mail address correctly.
The answer:5
The total of every column is 15. Hence the missing number is 5.
All the winners are requested to send their Full Name and Postal Address as early as possible to :
FIRST PRIZE Name: Archana Babu , Email :
SECOND PRIZE Name: Sruthi, Email :
THIRD PRIZE Name: Saniya Hedaoo, Email
  1. Name: Mokshagnaan , Email :
  2. Name: Aarya Iyer, Email :
  3. Name: Julila Chandra, Email :
  4. Name: krishna kiriti b, Email :
  5. Name: Usha, Email :
  6. Name: Vasant B. kate, Email :
  7. Name: Titas Bhattacharjee, Email :
  8. Name: Aditya raj singh, Email :
  9. Name: Manav, Email :
  10. Name: Prachi, Email