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The Peppermint Pig
Author - Nina Bawden

Lily, George, Theo and Poll live with their mother and coach-painter father, in a pretty little suburb in London.They are very happy and nothing prepares them for the sudden change in their circumstances. Their father is forced to quit his job. He leaves for America to seek his fortunes. The children go to live with their aunts in Norfolk, where their mother takes up dressmaking to make some money. The Peppermint Pig is the story of that one year in Norfolk, when the children, especially Poll and Theo, try to adapt to the many changes in their lives– new people and places, the absence of a beloved parent, shortage of money. And then Johnny trots into their lives — the ‘peppermint pig’, who helps to make that difficult period more bearable with his antics.
Racy and humorous, with many bitter-sweet moments, The Peppermint Pig is immensely readable. It is easy to identify with Poll and Theo, especially Poll, who has a mind of her own and constantly questions the grown-ups. At the end of the book, both children are not the same – their experiences have made them a little wiser.
Nina Bawden has written seventeen novels for children, most of which have been widely translated and adapted for film or television. She has lived in London, Wales, Norfolk, Shropshire, and Greece and they all provide the settings for her novels. The Peppermint Pig takes place in Swaffham where her mother grew up.

...She tried to think. So much – but she could only remember one thing. A little pig, sitting in a pint beer mug and squealing. A bigger pig who went trotting behind Mother when she went shopping. A naughty pig, stealing Hot Cross buns and next door’s gooseberries. A famous pig, the talk of the Town, sitting good as gold in the drawing-room of the manor house with his head in his hostess’s lap. A portly pig snoozing on the doorstep in the sun...

Book Facts:

Price: UK £ 4.99 (Approx. Rs.400)
Published by Puffin Books
Pages: 174

Review - Atreyee Gohain

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