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Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade
Author - Chetna Keer Banerjee

‘Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade’ is a delightful book by Chetna Keer Banerjee, a journalist based in Chandigarh.
The book describes a beauty pageant, where the contestants are vegetables. The story begins with the participants giving last-minute touches to their make up in the green room of the kitchen garden, Hariyali.
The participants are apprehensive. Liddy, the previous year’s beauty queen, is a slim ladyfinger, and the envy of all, especially Leafy, the green cabbage. Jealousy turns Leafy into a darker shade of green as she watches Liddy’s Barbie-doll figure. Bingy, the brinjal wonders if the judges – a horticulturist, a gardener and a housewife, will overlook her voluptuous figure. Another worried contestant is Parvi the snakegourd, who tries hard to cover the pockmarks on her face. Unlike Bingy and Parvi, Rolly-poly potato is simply not bothered about her rotund figure.
Read the book to find out who wins the contest– it’s someone you’ll never guess.
Artist Soumen Bhowmick has made the vegetables come alive with beautiful illustrations. This is Chetna Keer Banerjee’s first book for children. Besides writing, she is also fond of painting, reading, gardening and listening to music.

‘Haryali shone in the brilliance of the moonlit night. All the beauties came walking through the vegetable beds that had been specially done up for the event. Turn by turn, they curtsied before the judges – the Horticulturist, the Head Gardener and the Housewife. Carrie the carrot, showed off her rosy complexion. Molly, the radish, proudly patted her cheeks…the merry parade went on. As the long queue of veggies reached its end, the judges began whispering to each other to decide the winner.’

Book Facts:

Title: Veggies Go on a Beauty Parade
Author: Chetna Keer Banerjee
Publishers: Rupa & Co.
Cost: Rs 50/-

Review - Meera Nair

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