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Horrid Henry’s Haunted House
Author - Francesca Simon

Do you think you are naughty? Do you find your teacher calling you talkative or mischevious or a terror? Then meet Horrid Henry.
Horrid Henry is everyone’s favourite awful child. He is the naughtiest boy you could ever find on this planet. His brother on the other hand is Perfect Peter- the most well behaved boy in the world. Horrid Henry hates Perfect Peter. While Henry likes to gobble ice cream and fries, Perfect Peter loves his vegetables and salads. Horrid Henry hates to wash and wears rumpled clothes; Perfect Peter is always dressed tidily in crisp clean clothes. That makes Horrid Henry behave quite quite horridly with Peter.
Horrid Henry can also think of the wickedest tricks ever. He is an expert with the goo shooter and can scare Stuck –Up Steve silly. He jumps on his brother Perfect Peter and snatches the remote from his hands. Then he pushes poor Peter onto the floor and plonks himself down on the comfy black sofa.
Sometimes, however, Horrid Henry’s crooked plans go awry and then he lands himself in big trouble. Read on to find out about Horrid Henry’s misadventures in Horrid Henry’s Haunted House.

Excerpt :
Ah, Saturday! Best day of the week, thought Horrid Henry, flinging off the covers and leaping out of bed. No school! No homework! A day of TV heaven! Mum and Dad liked sleeping in on a Saturday. So long as Henry and Peter were quiet they could watch TV until Mum and Dad woke up.
Horrid Henry could Picture it now. He would stretch out in the comfy black chair, grab the remote control, and switch on the TV. All his favourite shows were on today: Rapper Zapper, Mutant Max and Gross Out. If he hurried, he would be just in time for Rapper Zapper.
He thudded down the stairs and flung open the sitting room door. A horrible sight met his eyes.

Book Facts:

Published by : Dolphin
ISBN Code: 9 781858 816500
Format : Paperback
Price : Rs 220/-
No. Of Pages : 88

Review - Shoma Mittra

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