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Island of the Blue Dolphins
Author - Scott O’Dell

“Island of the Blue Dolphins” is the gripping story about a girl called Karana, who survived alone on an island for eighteen years. A native American girl who lives on the San Nicolas Island off the west coast of California, Karana is left alone on her home island when the entire village of Ghalas-at moves out to seek better fortunes.
Set in the 1800’s, the book describes the twelve year Karana’s courage and will to survive alone on her small island braving the fierce dogs and the wild weather. She lives out her solitary life on this island for many years hoping that a ship will eventually come and take her to where her family and village have moved. It is only after eighteen long years that she is rescued and taken to a mission. There she learns that her village people who deserted her all those years ago never did survive the sea voyage. The story reveals the grit and determination of Karana and her love for nature and the sea animals.
The book is based on a real story about a woman who lived alone on an island from 1835 to 1853. She came to be known as The Lost Woman of San Nicolas. The author Scott O’Dell created the story based on facts that he could gather. “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, which was his first book, won the Newbery Medal in 1961 when it was published. Born on May 23, 1898 in LosAngeles, California, Scott O’Dell wrote many books for children and received many awards. He passed away on October 15, 1989.

Excerpt : The thought of being alone on the island while so many suns rose from the sea and went slowly back into the sea filled my heart with loneliness. I had not felt so lonely before because I was sure that the ship would return as Matasaip had said it would. Now my hopes were dead. Now I was really alone. I could not eat much, nor could I sleep without dreaming terrible dreams.
The storm blew out of the north, sending big waves against the island and winds so strong that I was unable to stay on the rock. I moved my bed to the foot of the rock and for protection kept a fire going throughout the night.

Book Facts

Published by: Puffin
Format: Paperback
ISBN code: 0-140-30268-9
No. of Pages: 155

Review - Shoma Mittra

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