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The Adventures of Howleglass

The 'History of Howleglass' is a German story book written in the Middle Ages. Its hero is Howleglass a rascally but lovable man.
Here are a few stories from the book.
Howleglass arrived at a town penniless and hungry. Nonetheless he took up lodgings in the best inn and ate a hearty meal. Afterwards he went into the street and began shouting:
"Come," said he, "come and see the strangest horse that ever lived. It's tail is where its head should be!"
Soon a crowd of about twenty people gathered around him.
"Where is this wonderful animal?" they asked.
"In the stable," said Howleglass. "But it'll cost you a small coin each to see it."
After he had collected the money he took them to be stable and showed them his horse. It was an ordinary animal but as Howleglass had claimed its tail was where its head should have been - Howlegalass had tied its tail to the feeding trough.
The people could not help laughing at the way they had been fooled and Howleglass got enough money to pay for his board and lodging.
Howleglass announced his arrival in Prague by nailing a notice on the door of a church to the effect that he could answer any question put to him.
He was taken to the parish priest who questioned him in front of the notables of the town.
"How much water is there in the sea?" asked the priest.
"Stop the tides and I will measure it for you." said Howleglass.
"Where is the centre of the world?" asked the priest.
"Right here," said Howleglass. Measure the world with a long cord and you'll see I'm right."
"How far is Earth from Heaven?" asked the priest.
"Not very far," said Howleglass. "Even a prayer said deep down in a cave reaches Heaven in no time at all."
"But how large is Heaven?" asked the cleric.
"Twenty thousand leagues," said Howleglass. "If you doubt me measure it for yourself."
The priest acknowledged that Howleglass could indeed answer any question put to him and welcomed him to the town.
The count of Ambal once employed Howleglass as a sentry. The count's castle was surrounded by enemies and he was expecting an attack. Howleglass had to keep watch from a tower and blow a horn if he saw the enemy.
One afternoon Howleglass heard the count and his officers go into the great dining hall for lunch and the smell of the dishes was too much for him.
He blew three loud blasts on his horn.
The count and his men thinking that the enemy had been sighted rushed to their posts and Howleglass rushed down to the hall and had a hearty meal.

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