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Dare to Dream – 25 extraordinary lives
Author - Sandra Mcleod Humphrey

We all look up to heroes because in many ways it is they who shape our lives. At the same time we are at times intimidated by their overwhelming success and feel that such feats are beyond ordinary mortals like us. “ Dare to Dream – 25 extraordinary lives” is a compilation of the lives and achievements of 25 great men and women of our time. But this book is unusual because Sandra Mcleod Humphrey shows us through page after page that these super human beings who achieved so much in life were actually as fallible and as ordinary as you and I.
All that one needs is a dream and a passion to see that dream through. Through twenty-five heart -warming tales of wonder, courage, failures and success we learn to realize that all we need is ‘dare to dream’. Regardless of background, country and financial muscle one can rise above the milieu to achieve what each one dreams of. Read through the lives of Alber Einstein, Hellen Keller, Georgia O’keefe, Maya Angelou, Tony Morrison, Gloria Estefan and a host of other ordinary people who achieved extra-ordinary things.
Sandra McLeod Humprey dedicates this book to the youth of our times – “The intent of this book is to restore dreams and heroes to our young people- not magical heroes with no problems but real heroes who have had a dream, have committed themselves to that dream, and have then worked hard and overcome obstacles to attain that dream.”

Excerpt :
Wilma was born in a shack in the backwoods of Tennessee of very poor parents in 1940. …She was born two months early and was a tiny sickly baby. … By age four she had been stricken with scarlet fever, chicken pox, mumps, double pneumonia, and polio, which left one of her legs partially paralyzed. Doctors predicted she would never walk again. …….
She achieved the impossible by becoming the first American woman to win three gold medals at a single Olympics….
Through her dedication to her dream and her belief in herself, she overcame obstacles of illness and poverty and achieved the impossible. She not only walked, she ran!
Once known as the sickest child in her hometown, she had become the fastest woman in the world. She had dreamed big and worked hard, and she was a winner in sports and in life.”

Published by : Prometheus Books
ISBN code - 1-59102-280-0
No. of Pages – 113
Format - Paperback

Review - Shoma Mittra

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