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Keeping It Real
Author - Sandra Mcleod Humphrey

Excerpt :

Dear God,
I hope you don’t mind if I write you a few letters now and then. Especially when I am feeling down , like right now.
-depressingly yours

Dear God,

I hope you weren’t watching our gym class today. But if you were, then you saw our new gym shorts. Now everyone can see how skinny my legs are.
-blushingly yours
your friend Leslie

Dear God,

Did you hear that door just slam? If I’d done that, I would have been grounded for a year.
That was Mom. She just saw my room! Why cant she just accept the fact that everyone’s an individual and that we all have different ideas about what ‘clean’ means?….
I need your frank and honest opinion. Does this kitchen look like a mess to you? Me either. Which just goes to show again how unreasonable parents can be.
Okay, so I left the cupboard open. How do they expect me to get the peanut butter if I don’t open the cupboard door?
-not so tidily yours
your friend Leslie

These are letters written by a little girl called Leslie who has moved into a new neighbourhood, a new house and a new church. Her parents are on the brink of divorce and Leslie is a teen who is going through all the highs and lows of a young adult. Confused, angry, elated, unhappy, embarrassed – these are all the emotions Leslie see- saws through and tries to make sense of. So she has conversations with God and as she writes down her thoughts, sometimes the answers present themselves to her of their own accord.
Sandra McLeod Humphery’s book, ‘Keeping It Real’ is an honest attempt to look at life through a child’s eyes. She has brought it off with adequate aplomb and presented an intriguingly true and delightful picture. Leslie is really every little girl who goes through the trials of teenage – dates, pimples, exasperating moms and adorable pets.
Warm and witty, Sandra has managed to pull off a true winner in this book. Leslie who begins with, “ I feel like I’m drowning and no one even knows I’m in the water’ ends the book with a mightily positive, ‘ With your help and my new positive attitude, how can I lose!’ It is an affirmation of belief in life that things always work out for the best if you manage to stick it out.

Publisher : CSS Publishing Company
ISBN CODE: 0-7880-1953-8
Pages –92.
Format : Paperback

Review - Shoma Mittra

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