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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

J. K. Rowling’s sixth and much awaited book has finally hit the stalls and rocketed to sky- high popularity within the first twenty four hours. Within the next twenty four hours Harry Potter fans all over the world are scandalized even as they turn the pages feverishly.
The sixth and latest book is the darkest in the series and fraught with conflicts and emotions and—but of course—conflicting emotions!
Thus far Rowling had been building a rosy story of Harry’s life and adventures at Hogwarts – School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is the second last book to the series and she seems to have taken it upon herself to start obliterating the all promising characters and slowly but surely bringing about a certain darker twist to the plot.
Lord Voldemort is now whole again [pun intended] and even if not hale and hearty, is regaining his previous much dreaded power even as the new Minister of Magic prepares to begin his term and fills in the Muggle [non-magical] Prime Minister on what, exactly is going on in London and why the grey mist that has appeared everywhere recently refuses to lift.
In this book Rowling spins out some frankly shocking facts about characters that sends you reeling, the most deplorable being that of Snape, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Master, who is once again busy trying to make Harry’s life miserable. But it seems however that Snape has found a new recreational activity, one which involves him secretly working for a Certain Someone.
Harry suspects Draco Malfoy, his arch enemy, of something even his friends Ron and Hermione refuse to believe, yet undeterred Harry energetically accuses Malfoy with every chance he gets. But what with being the new Quidditch Captain, being called on every few days by the new Potions Master, and running away from the undying affections of Romilda Vane and her giggling girlfriends, Harry has little time to himself.
All this, as well as the new special lessons Harry is taking with Dumbledore whose aim is to help Harry understand Voldemort’s innermost thoughts, ambitions and character. As Harry delves into Voldemort’s history, family and life, he realizes that Dumbledore is actually preparing him for the final battle with Voldemort which would decide who would triumph over who. The death of a dearly loved character later in the book causes much heartache to fans and critics alike.
What J. K. Rowling seems to want to stress most on in this book is love. The book is overflowing with it, what with all the juicy romances going on between the students, but not only romantic love. Rowling searches out something much deeper and purer – true love, from the heart and without any kind of prejudice. She seems to want to emphasize not just only on the whole good-triumphs-evil fact but also the fact that Harry, even through being a wizard or having exceptional abilities, is also very much human, as are all the rest of the characters in the book, and hence often victim to very human feelings of love, jealousy and exploding anger.

-Reviewed by Deblina Mittra

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