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Aditi And The One-Eyed Monkey

Princess Aditi has to go away to the fiery dragon’s lair if her kingdom is to be saved. The one-eyed monkey who yearns to see the world, the ant that wants to measure the earth, and the elephant who is looking for something that can make her really angry, decide to go along too (as only human beings are forbidden from going with her). They set off on their dangerous mission armed with an invisibility cloak, a sword of courage and a ball of magic clay.
The journey to the dragon’s lair is long, and the companions soon become good friends. There are unusual situations, and unexpected dangers around every corner, but the strange assortment copes very well indeed, thanks to their different skills and presence of mind. The lady-sage who meditates on a lonely island directs them to the dragon’s home. The encounter with the fiery dragon holds more surprises…
This charming modern fairy tale is only the first of the series of adventures that Aditi and her unusual friends fall into. The story is simple, and is narrated in a humorous, easy to read style. Most appropriate for children in the 8-10 age group. The illustrations by Bindia Thapar bring the story alive, and add to its appeal.
The second adventure of Aditi and her friends (Aditi and the Thames Dragon) takes them to London to save a river- dragon who is dying because the Thames is so polluted. The third book (Aditi and the Marine Sage) finds the growing company on an errand to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Readers can also look forward to the fourth book (Aditi and the Techno Sage) soon.
Suniti Namjoshi lives and works in Devon, UK. She is the author of many books and poems of which “Feminist Fables” is very well known. Aditi and the One-eyed Monkey was first published in 1986. The later Aditi books retain the fairy-tale flavour, but are very modern in content.
‘Last year when the dragon was scorching the palace gardens, the King and Queen pleaded with it. “We will give you anything you want,” they said to the dragon, “if only you will promise to go away and never return.” The crafty dragon agreed at once. It first made them swear to keep their side of the bargain and then it asked for little Aditi…. The agreement is that she is to arrive at the dragon’s den before the rains and she must not be accompanied by any human being.’

Review by Revathi. Sachidanandam
Book Facts
Published by: Tulika Publishers
Price: Rs: 80/-
ISBN: 81-86896-13-9
Format: Paperback

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