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My Mother the Sandwich Maker and Other Tales of Food
Author - Monisha Mukundan

What do you do when you are alone at home and feel hungry, and find the stock of biscuits and chips exhausted? Order a pizza or a burger? Or run down to the nearby bakery to buy a pastry or a patty? But wouldn’t it be fun if we learnt to make healthy food ourselves at home?
In My Mother the Sandwich Maker and Other Tales of Food, through simple stories, the author provides a whole lot of easy and healthy recipes, which look all the more appetising when accompanied by Sujasha Dasgupta’s illustrations. So by the time you finish reading the book, you will feel really really hungry!
Join Ria as she turns into an expert cook, dishing out delicious sandwiches, milkshakes, muffins, salads, and omlettes in a jiffy.
When Ria’s mom is too tired to cook palak paneer for dinner, how does Ria help her? She prepares an exotic dinner by using the already cooked alu-matar, chapattis, and the raw paneer, and calls it chapatti sandwiches!
Happy reading and happy cooking! Why, you can even throw a surprise party for your mom! Serve her a variety of homemade delicacies cooked by you, garnished with all your love.
Reviewed by Rupshi S.

My Mother the Sandwich Maker and Other Tales of Food
By Monisha Mukundan
Pages 55
ISBN- 81-291-0256-0
Published 2003 by Rupa and Co.

I heated each chapatti in the tava till warm and slightly crisp. Then I cut each in half. I spread the alu-matar-paneer mixture over the half and sprinkled some chopped dhania over it. Then I lightly buttered the other half of the chapatti and put it like a lid over the filling. I cut each sandwich in half. Now they were ready to pick up and they looked interesting too. I put a little pickle on each plate and served dinner!
‘Thank you my darlings,’ Mama said as we went to bed that night.

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