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The Golem’s Eye
Author - Jonathan Stroud

Excerpt: “You seem very confident about your facts,” the panther remarked, yawning loudly and displaying an impressive set of teeth. ‘It’s true that the parchments disintegrate when they are removed from the golem’s mouth. And by the terms of the spell, the monster must then return to its master and subside back into clay, so the body doesn’t survive either. But the golem’s eye is not destroyed. It can be used many times. So there may well be one here in modern London.”

Nathaniel, the young and fast-rising new government official is again the hero of the second book in the Bartimaeus Trilogy — The Golem’s Eye, written by Jonathan Stroud. Only this time, instead of constantly being hounded by his previous master, Underwood, Nathaniel’s charge has been taken over by Jessica Whitwell, the government’s Security Minister. Whitwell recognizes the young magician’s enormous capabilities and with her influence, sets him up as assistant to Mr. Julius Tallow, Head of Internal Affairs. Mr. Rupert Devereaux, Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Empire, too, is following Nathaniel’s career closely.
Meanwhile, there has been a series of small attacks on magicians all over Britain. Nathaniel is given the task of uprooting this group, believed by many to be called The Resistance. However, recently the attacks have become even more vicious and hazardous. The majority of magicians are the opinion that these savage attacks have been committed by the Resistance, but Nathaniel thinks otherwise. And once again, he is forced to call upon the inscrutable, troublesome and witty djinni, Bartimaeus.
Bartimaeus is charged to find out the reason behind the assault. The answer is a golem. Nathaniel is sent to the historic home of all golems; “the place where, if anywhere, the lore must have been preserved”: Prague.
In the meantime, the Resistance is planning its new act of rebellion against the magicians. And this time it will be the greatest act of all, one that will surpass even the most unimaginable deeds committed by commoners.
The Golem’s Eye is the thrilling sequel to The Amulet of Samarkand, the first book in the trilogy. It combines sinister magic, adventure, suspense and unlimited humour to give the reader a perfect treat.
Jonathan Stroud has written three other novels: Buried Fire, The Leap and The Last Siege. Previously an editor in a London publishing firm, he is now a full-time writer. He was born in Bedford and grew up in St Albans. He studied at York university. He has written and edited a number of game books and non-fiction titles for Walker Books. He now lives in St. Albans with his wife.

Published by :
Doubleday, Great Britain
ISBN : 0-385-60808
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 570
Price : Rs.475

Review - Deblina Mittra

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