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Sir Lawley’s Ghost and Other Stories
Author - Sir Lawley


From The Vampire Next Door
The vampire looked so docile and harmless that Seema couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed when she first saw him. He had no fangs, no claw-like fingernails, no gnarled horns, no hairy hands, no hideously twisted face — nothing at all to indicate that he was anything but a perfectly normal person enjoying a spot of gardening.
Except that perfectly normal people don’t trim their rose bushes at midnight, struggling with a torch in one hand and clippers in the other. And perfectly normal people don’t send a chill down your spine as the man did, when he noticed Seema at the upstairs window of her bedroom next door and switched off his torch with a guilty start.

Contrary to expectations, Sir Lawley’s Ghost and Other Stories does not scare. The stories delight — and most of them have no relation whatsoever with ghosts! The stories actually portray very familiar problems of our lives — both serious and not-so-serious. These are troubles which we face everyday — impossibly bullying elder sisters, poor handwriting which invites constant scolding, parents expecting us to get full marks in mathematics and so on.
What if we had a vampire for a neighbour? Or what happens when we manufacture the smell of brand-new books? How can a young boy solve a mystery from violin notes, which puzzles the best criminal experts? What happens when a revered resident ghost of a boarding school is denied his due respect? And what if a group of school boys encounter an English ghost one desolate evening…each story keeps you guessing till the end.
Read the book, if you are fond of stories that are thrilling, engrossing, entertaining and humorous.
And yes, even if you are scared of ghosts!
The author, Asha Nehemiah, is an advertising copywriter by profession. She regularly contributes stories for children in various magazines. This is her first published book.

Price - Rs 195
Pages - 134
Published 2004 by Rupa & Co.

Review - Rupshi S

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