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Myth Information

You have heard the phrase ‘Packed like sardines’-but did you know? There is no living fish called a sardine only when it is packed into a sardine only when it is packed into a sardine tin and it seems there are some twenty-one different species of fish that are considered acceptable for sale as sardines.
I picked up this information in a delightful book called ‘Myth Information’ by J.Allen Varasdi.
Mr. Varasdi examines 590 fallacies and misconceptions in this book and while demolishing age- old myths provides information on a variety of subjects.
While reading about cholesterol for example, I learnt to my surprise that cholesterol is indispensable to life and that without it we could not survive. I knew of course that cholesterol-rich foods were supposed to be bad for the body after a certain age but I had not known that body requires cholesterol for its survival.
We are also told the body produces all the cholesterol it needs (which means it is not dependent on the cholesterol in the food we eat) and that one-seventh of the brain is made of cholesterol.
Some of the other things I learnt:
The largest pyramids in the world are not in Egypt but in Mexico;
England is a democracy but not a republic;
far from ruining teeth, milk chocolate might actually even prevent tooth decay!
The book is published by Ballantine Books in the U.S.A.

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