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Treasure Forest
Author - Cat Bordhi

“At the bottom of the pond lies a treasure. It is useless, like that rock, if you disturb the water to bring it up. No one knows how to go down there without disturbing the water. If you can do it, I will marry you.”
This is the mystery which the two children must solve, a mystery which was bequeathed to them by their grandmother Daphne through a letter which they received after her death.
Treasure Forest by Cat Bordhi is an intriguing tale of an enchanted forest that holds mysteries and surprises for those who can truly relate to it. Grandmother Daphne’s invisible presence permeates the forest as Ben and Sara, her grandchildren try to unravel the mystery of the treasure forest.
Ben and Sara have to go to great lengths to convince their parents to stay in Grandma Daphne’s house so that they can have access to the enchanted forest . Dagget an old recluse, who was once a friend of Daphne has now become a forest hermit and lives on the other side of the forest- a region into which the children must never venture.
But grandma Daphne’s letters and the intriguing forest with its mystery of the riddle prove too tantalizing for Ben and Sara and they sneak off at every chance to explore the forest. The magic and mystery of the enchanted forest rubs off on you and transports you to the magical land of Dagget who speaks ravenese and who loves the forest as his own and reigns over it.
Cat Bordhi was born in San Fransisco in 1951, but spent part of her early childhood in a small village on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Here she became utterly enchanted with nature . Ever since she has continued to cherish and explore nature. Bordhi was an award -winning school teacher and a textile artist. This is her first book which has won her the Nautilus Award for best young adult fiction , 2004. Treasure Forest by Cat Bordhi will win her the hearts of young and old alike. The prose is as musical and soft flowing as the stream that enters Dagget’s cavern and the story keeps you riveted until at last the riddle of the pond is revealed.
Excerpt :
Sara frantically chased after Bijou, who was springing forward on three paws, crying out in little high pitched shrieks, and disappeared into a spray of stiff, thorny blackberry vines. Sara had to run around the thicket, desperately hoping he would stop so she could catch him. Tripping over a cedar root, she picked herself back up, dashed after her pet, and stopped in astonishment.
“Is this your rabbit?”
“Yes.” Sara stared at the tall gray-haired man cradling Bijou in his arms. “Who are you?”
“I am your Raven-Boy,” he whispered, and Bijou gave a whimper.” Your Rabbit is hurt,” he added, gently turning the small animal on its back. He held out the paw with the black mark that looked like a single clover leaf and stem to show Sara that it was already swelling. “ I can help him Daphne.”
“I am not Daphne!” gasped Sara. “Give me back my rabbit!”
“He needs help,” said Dagget. He showed her Bijou’s paw again. “It’s swelling. He must have stepped on a hornet. I know how to heal him, Daphne.”
“You’re Dagget, aren’t you?” asked Sara, backing away from him. “Give me my rabbit back. And my name is Sara, not Daphne. And this is our side of the forestand you’re not supposed to be here!”
“The whole forest is mine now,” replied Dagget, his lip curling. Why was she arguing with him? Why had she changed her name? “The whole forest can be ours now.”

Author: Cat Bordhi
Pages: 287
Published by: Namaste Publishing
Price: $ 21.95
ISBN: 0-9682364-8-0
Format: Hardbound

Can be purchased at
Price: Rs. 250/-

Review - Shoma Mittra

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