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The Magic Finger
Author - Roald Dahl

Wish you could turn people into anything just by pointing your finger at them! It would be cool and even the biggest bully of the school would have bowed down to you. The storybook ' The Magic Finger' by Roald Dahl has such a girl with a magic finger! This funny book is small, perhaps just a few more pages than a comic. But it is worth buying and the child who buys it will enjoy it very, very much.

This tale starts with a girl and her neighbours going for a goose hunt in the wood. The girl gets angry and tells her neighbours that they should not kill animals or birds. But the family just laughs at her and goes their way. The girl by this time gets furious
And she sees a flash of red colour in her eyes. She then points her index finger at the family. Nothing happens then! The fun comes later. Now, the girl has to go to school. When she reaches school, the teacher punishes her for not doing her homework. The girl gets angry and again she sees a flash of red in her eyes. She then points her finger at the teacher who is writing something. Immediately the teacher starts growing whiskers, a tail and some very large cat ears. Imagine the state of her class?!

There is many, many, more funny happenings in the story till it ends, but I won't tell you! It would be more enjoyable if you read the book yourself. So after you read this book review, I hope I have at least spread the message of reading the enjoyable books of Roald Dahl to the children of the whole world!

Review - Devika Velayudh

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