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The Gift of Gold
Author - Dorothy Kowen
Art by Gillian Mathew

Thandi is a little girl who lives in a small village in Africa. Her village is dry and wrinkly – for there has been no rain. The elders believe that the village has been cursed, and only a chameleon can bring them rain. What will Thandi do now? Will she be able to help?
Join Thandi in her quest to save her village from drought, and get to know her unusual friends. With a curse, a gold pebble, some intriguing characters and of course, a happy ending, this mythical story from South African folklore has all the right ingredients to delight both the young and the old alike!

Book Details :

• Published by : KATHA Publications
• Available in English and Hindi
• Age Group: 6+
• Year of publication : 2015
• Number of pages : 28
• Size : 11” X 8.5”
• ISBN 978-93-82454-36-6
• Price : Rs 150/-

About Katha World LIBRARY :
Katha World Library has been conceived with the specific aim of introducing children in India (and South Asia, by extension), to new cultures and generating a healthy curiosity about other countries and people in them. These stories also dispel prejudices, counter stereotypes through culture linking and help children understand the world better.
This year, Katha included three new books from South Africa into its repertoire of children’s books. A joyous celebration of children’s literature that’s inclusive and multicultural, these wonderful books that come all the way from Africa not only entertain, amuse and educate children but also broaden their views of the world.

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