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Lessons On Loving In The Little Prince: Insights and Inspirations
Author - David Robert Ord

The book authored by David Robert Ord follows the storyline of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is the tale of a little boy who grows up to be a pilot and meets the little prince when he crash-lands in the Sahara and loses touch with his real self by the age of six. It is a situation that is common to humans and often the root cause of problems in life.
This is a book about learning to reconnect with our deepest self, learning to be real with each other in relationships, and learning to rely on ourselves and trust ourselves rather than needing the validation and support of others. The book is definitely a must read for children as well as Adults!

Excerpt from Stranded in the Desert:
"If your life is broken like the pilot's engine, you alone can mend it."

Book Details:
Author : David Robert Ord
Publisher : Namaste Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-897-238-82-0
Price: Rs. 712/-

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