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Bite This Book
Author - Lony Ruhmann

"My bones hurt me, But in my head I can see myself running, And I am free."
- I Am Free (by Juve)

Lony Ruhmann is one of those rare people who decided to nurse an adopted pup with distemper back from the brink. Lony’s first dog, Juve, was that pup. Many people would have given up in the face of such a deadly disease, but Lony chose not to do that. Instead, he spoke, read and sang to Juve, sending reassurance that no one was going to give up on him.

"Seventy-five percent of puppies diagnosed with distemper do not survive", says Lony. "Juve did."

Juve also emerged with something to say.
Assisted by an animal communicator, Lony took the whole experience a step further. He listened to Juve and then decided to write a book truly for dogs. The result is Bite this Book – a collection of gentle vignettes written in unmistakable canine language, primarily by Juve and several by Juve and Lony's closest doggy friends.

If you or the children in your life have ever considered reading to a dog, this book is the one you want. It offers a unique means of connection for both dogs and their humans.

We know that dogs don't exactly read, but they do understand many of our words, and they certainly let us know what is on their minds.The language in Bite this Book is whimsical and the illustrations bright; yet readers won’t miss the inspiring humane message behind these stories. From Happy Walk (by Juve) to Alone Time (by Zoey), from The Squirrel (by Teddy) to Squeaky Toy (also by Juve), Lony’s dogs express the gratitude of every living creature for the food, warmth, kindness and shelter denied to so many in a world that often looks the other way.

My dogs were spellbound as I read these vignettes to them. They understood many of the words and seemed to sense which stories were my personal favorites – I Am Free, the dream of a sick pup who sees himself running free of pain, and Mommy and Daddy, which could have been written by any shelter dog expressing the joy of a second chance and the hope that he will be loved in his new forever home.

In the midst of lives so often filled with distracting technology, Bite this Book stands out as a simple healing treasure for your dog and for children of all ages, including you.

About the Author:
Lony believes in 8 things: dogs, animals, children, intuition, meditation, volunteering, creativity and love. Visit Lony at

Bite This Book
by Lony Ruhmann
Mirror Publishing, Milwaukee, WI
paperback, $9.89
ISBN: 978-1-61225-188-2
Available on

Review - Carol M. Upton

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