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The Wizard’s Apprentice-“Secret of the Tower”
Author - Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald

“The Wizard’s Apprentice-Secret of the Tower” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald is a marvelous story about a young journey man wizard, Randal who loses his magical powers due to a petrifying incident at the Schola Sorceriae, a school of wizardry in Tarnsberg. Randal not only loses his magical powers, but he also gives away his sworn wand to the Regents at the Schola and promises never to use a weapon again as he breaks the oldest law of wizardry at the Schola. No matter, how great the need was, Randal could not use his magic at all, until he seeks permission from the Master Wizard Balpesh, once a regent of the Schola, and now a hermit living near Tattinham in the eastern mountains. On the perilous and intense journey to Tattinham, Randal also meets his strong and reliable cousin, Walter, and a gallant damsel, and Randal’s true friend Lys. Besides these three, there are other entertaining characters as well who make the story interesting.

Excerpt:“The demon writhed and twisted towards the two wizards, blue-white fire crackling around it. A smell of burnt hair filled the air. The demon began to scorch and shrivel. But the master wizard was almost exhausted by his long ordeal in the secret room. Hastily, Randal invoked the spell of steadying, and gave his strength to the exhausted older man. Thus, the demon…”

Review - Monisha Sen VII E Bhavan’s Gangabaux Kanoria Vidya Mandir

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