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The Fantabulous Fens
Author - Gautam Sen

Gautam Senís THE FANTABULOUS FENS is a jewel of a childrenís book. It reads like a classic piece of literary fiction. The story has rich and vibrant characters, important moral lessons and harks back to a time when it was important to nurture close family relationships. In addition, the authorís creative use of the charactersí names hints to their personalities and involvement with the Fens.
The story is about an adoringly unusual yet gentle family called the Fens. Mother and Father Fen feel blessed to have five children, all brothers, who are not only wildly different from each other but from the outside world as well. Pinchu and Panchu are two and a half inches tall; one is incredibly smart and one is incredibly naughty. Baby Panda is a cuddly boy who loves eating and sleeping. Koala is innocent and sweet while Mumbo, the elephant boy, is the strong and jovial brother who protects the whole brood. Although they look very different from the rest of the world, they are normal children who love to learn, play games, watch TV and spend their time together.
Trouble begins for the Fens when a nosy neighbor, Mrs. Hysteria, pops by for a visit and is shocked by the sight of the Fen children. In her misunderstanding and fear, she leaves the house and begins a crusade of malcontent as she rallies the neighborhood against them.
As a family, they struggle to understand why they are being tormented and ridiculed by people they barely know.
Itís not for long, however, as we begin to see how the childrenís goodness and innocence transforms public opinion and evokes love and acceptance back from the very people who were tormenting them.
Although the Fantabulous Fens is a story of important messages it is also full of fun and descriptive anecdotes. Read how the Fens handle charity, an attempted kidnapping, schooling, and fame in their own special ways.
Gautam Sen uses his story as a vehicle to showcase life lessons involving the fear and misunderstanding of people different to ourselves. We see how acceptance and unconditional parental love have shaped these very unique children and how kindness can bring out the best in people.
The Fantabulous Fens is an entertaining read, bound to evoke family discussions on important topics, and is a definite read for both parents and children.

Review - Ms Allison Margharitis

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