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S’s Secret
Author - Shobhaa Dé

Popular Prakashan, one of India’s leading publishing houses, currently in its 85th year, announced the launch of the Snappy Happy series for children penned by best-selling author Shobhaa Dé. The first book in the series S’s Secret will be available to readers beginning 15th December.
This is Shobhaa’s first work of fiction for children. The most telling quality of Shobhaa’s writing in any category, be it fiction or non-fiction, is that she has always been able to transform the category and make it uniquely her own.
S’s Secret is an enthralling, engrossing story that will keep both teenagers and most unusually, parents of teenagers, turning the pages! It is a book about love, about trust, about friendship – in fact, about all those universal human values that we take so much for granted. ‘S’ or Sandhya is like any normal Indian teenager. She is that funny, endearing mix of uncertainty, confidence, verve and defiance that one identifies with immediately.
Her family and friends become our own, so familiar and heart-warming are they! Pesky kid sister Pia, dominating older brother Sid, loving but strict parents Anu and Dev and of course, two sets of doting grandparents…
Speaking on the occasion, Harsha Bhatkal, Director, Popular Prakashan said, “We are very excited about this new series, which is a ground-breaking series in many ways. Indian kids have so far been exposed to a number of international story series. We felt that there was an urgent need for stories with a distinctively Indian social setting which children here can instantly recognise and relate to. Now we have Shobhaa Dé’s Snappy Happy series to fill that need.”
“To Children of all ages – the best story tellers in the world!” says Shobhaa while dedicating her first book to them. In keeping with the Snappy Happy theme for the mothers and the children, she added, “So, this one is for you...mothers, for putting up with, well, what mothers the world over put up with 24x7... I guess I don’t need to spell it out! And this is for you too, kids! Go ahead... give us a hard time. Someday you’ll be parents... and then we’ll talk!”
She further added, “S’s Secret’ has been so much fun to write - now go discover what the secret is!”
This is Shobhaa Dé’s first book for children and has all the effervescence, ebullience and excitement that one has come to associate with her writing…
And now the good news! S’s Secret is the first book in the Snappy Happy series and will be priced at Rs.95. Readers can look forward to the sequel, S’s Heartbreak, very soon!
S’s Secret is available at all leading bookstores. To buy online go to

Review - Jayanthi Mahalingam

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