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Journey to America
Author - Sonia Levitin

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award

The year was 1938, just before the Second World War. In Germany, innumerable restrictions were laid on Jews, by the Nazis. This story is about a Jewish family named Platt who escape from Germany to the United States of America. It is narrated by Lisa Platt, one of the three Platt sisters. The father leaves first for America, so that he could set up a home for the family there.
Frau Platt and the three sisters have to stay in Zurich in Switzerland until they get their passports for America. Frau Platt is unable to provide for her daughters and so she sends her daughters, Lisa, Ruth and Annie to live with different families where they are well looked after. After several months of consistent efforts, bravery and unfailing hope, the mother and her daughters finally get their passports.
The book ends with the reunion of the Platt family in America. Author, Sonia Levitin has created every scene in the book so vividly that you can almost see the story unfold in front of your eyes! The illustrations in the book are very realistic. They help to form visions of the story in your mind.
What I liked best about the book was the imagination and pragmatism hidden in every chapter. It made the story come alive in my mind. All in all, Journey to America is a very interesting book which will keep you hooked on till the end! A must-read!

Book Details:
Author Sonia Levitin
Illustrator Charles Robinson
Publication date - 1970
Published by Scholastic Inc (Aladdin Books, Macmillan Publishing Company)
Originally published by Atheneum Publishers
Pages 150
Price - $20
Genre - Travelogue

Review - Vidisha Chirmulay, 14 years, Bhavan's Sulochana Natu Vidya Mandir, Pune, Maharashtra.

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