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Roti Rolled Away
Author - Anjana Utarid

Roti Rolled Away is a picture book for young readers. It takes place in India. A precocious young girl (Asha) visits her Nani (grandmother) on top of a hill. Nani has just made hot fresh Rotis (traditional Indian bread that is round and flat) and the Roti is given to Asha to eat. However, the Roti escapes Nani’s hands and begins to roll out into the great big hills. Quickly Asha makes a dash to catch her Roti. It is during her chase, that she encounters the unique and exotic species found in India. The surprise twist at the end will leave the reader in awe about Asha’s adventures in India.
ROTI ROLLED AWAY allows us to follow the Roti, instead of the Gingerbread Man, as it rolls away from Asha. Anjana Utarid uses a familiar pattern and wonderfully rhythmic writing as Asha pays her respects to the animals of India while following the Roti through the jungle, only to watch the Roti disappear into the river. A wonderful grandmother story and bridge between cultures.

Book Facts
ISBN 978-1-60264-071-9
Publisher: Virtual Book Worm
Price: $12.95
Number of Pages: 25
Website address:

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