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Revenge of the Noble Spirit
Author - G.S.Dutt

Revenge of the Noble Spirit is the second in a series called Adventures of Nikki, written by G.S.Dutt.
Nikki and Esha Kapoor are good friends who go to stay in a remote beach house owned by Esha’s parents. Esha’s father is a senior officer in the government’s investigating agency. He has many enemies.
The very night they arrive at the beach house, he and his wife are called away to attend a urgent meeting. Esha and Nikki are left alone. Some thugs sent by a man who is being investigated for a murky defence deal enter the house in the dead of night. They want to take away the hard disk from Kapoor’s computer. It contains vital information, which they want erased.
The girls are locked out by mistake and Esha is kidnapped by the men and kept in a boat. Nikki manages to get on the boat in disguise and helps Esha escape. However they fall into the hands of child traffickers who take them to Dubai along with other children to be sold to rich sheikhs.
Her father’s enemies abduct Esha again and this time she is killed. Nikki is visited by her spirit, which occupies Akram one of the boys who had been brought from India by the child traffickers. She comes to know all about how Esha was abducted and where her body was buried.
Finally, the brave Nikki manages to solve all the Kapoors’ problems and becomes their foster daughter. This is possible only with help from Esha’s spirit!
The story has a lot of holes. What is the age of the girls? How do they so easily escape detection in so many dire situations? Is it good to encourage belief in spirits and ghosts? How come Esha’s father doesn’t make any effort at all to find his daughter and her friend? Why doesn’t the Indian embassy rush to help?

Review - Jayanthi Mahalingam

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