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Once Upon a Blue Moon
Author - S.E.Blakeslee

A blue moon is a rare and beautiful celestial event and upon just such an occasion, a little boy happens to be staring out of his window. He looks up at the blue moon and makes a wish. He fervently hopes that his best friend would recover from a raging fever. His wish wings its way across the heavens to the blue moon and from the moon emerges a friendly spirit, that looks like nothing else in this world
“With eyes of onyx, coat of blue
And spots of slightly brighter hue.”
The creature changes its shape at will, and before the boy’s amazed eyes, it takes the form of a laughing dinosaur. The boy is not one bit scared and he is thrilled when he learns that his wish for his friend had taken this form! The spirit of the blue moon becomes a blanket and when it is laid upon the feverish girl, she gets well.
Only those who believe can see it, so the girl’s parents hail it as a ‘miracle’! The blue blanket then becomes a chair.
“So sit right down and hold on tight,
As we prepare for faerie flight.”
And the children are catapulted into a fantastic trip around the world, which sadly, must end, for the creature has to go to someone else’s aid. It changes into a moonbeam and vanishes, but not without a farewell note, that reads: “Forever near, your blue friend Freddy.”
Everyone wishes upon falling stars and four-leafed clover, but this is the first time someone has wished upon a blue moon. S.E.Blakeslee’s story poem leaves one with a warm, toasty feeling around the heart. The verses are beautiful because they are so simply and lucidly written. The author even takes a naughty swipe at J.K.Rowling’s character Voldemort or ‘You-Know-Who’! Of course, Freddy is far from evil.
“But noble friend whose wish came true
Knew thanks were due to You-Know-Who.”
Once Upon a Blue Moon is a delightful poem that will enthrall young children, especially when it is read out. The drawings are enchanting and the use of only two colours makes the illustrations even more attractive.
The good news - we have more of it coming, since this is the first of a series called Chronicles of the Blue Moon.

Book Details:

Author: S.E.Blakeslee
Publisher: Blaumond Press, North Carolina, USA
Price: $17.95 (USA); $23.95 (Canada)

Review - Jayanthi Mahalingam

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