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The Penguin
Author - Barbara Todd

Have you watched the movie, Happy Feet? Do you remember Mumble and how he couldn’t sing but loved to dance? If you enjoyed that film you might like to read Barbara Todd’s book, “The Penguin”. In this book she writes about the penguins that live in the Southern Hemisphere, mainly, New Zealand.
There are some eighteen different types of penguins. Did you know that of these, seven types of penguins live in New Zealand? Or that yellow eyed penguins are known as hoiho in Maori. Hoiho means “noise shouter”.Barbara Todd’s book about the penguins will engage even the youngest reader. It is full of colourful photographs and interesting information. She tells you that an Emperor penguin can be as tall as a nine year old child and that a blue penguin could be the size of a new born baby.

Excerpt :

Once a year, penguins get a new coat. Their old feathers fall out and they look very funny. They cannot swim in the sea and hunt for food until their new feather coat grows back. Each penguin has a voice that is different from all other penguins. Penguins are very noisy! They call to each other with loud sounds. Sometimes they make sounds almost like a donkey!”

Book Facts
Format : Paperback glossy
Published By : Reed Children’s Books
ISBN Code : 9781869488741
Target Audience : Young Readers ( 5-10 years)
No. of Pages : 24

Review - Shoma Mittra

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