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The Legend Of Spud Murphy
Author - Eoin Colfer

Have you ever met the perfect terror? Do you absolutely abhor reading boring books in a boring library stacked from floor to ceiling with books, books and more boring books? Well, if you pick up The Legend Of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer you are going to meet two brothers, Will and Marty who would much rather spend their holidays playing with action man and putting war paint on their faces with mum’s makeup box. But Will and Marty’s parents have other things in mind. They want their sons to do something ‘educational’ during their holidays instead of idling their time away. The library seems the ideal place for three afternoons a week!
Will and Marty can’t begin to make their parents realize how dangerous the library is. The librarian is none other than the legendary Spud Murphy. Although Mum insists that Ms. Murphy is a perfectly angelic, sweet lady, the kids know better. Marty, Will and almost every small boy in town knows that Spud keeps a gas powered gun under her desk. She shoots big whole potatoes out of that gun if the kids so much as whisper in the library. After all Ugly Frank was spudded once.
Will and Marty are doomed to three afternoons a week under the hawk eyes of Spud Murphy. What ensues is an exciting adventure with a surprising end.
The Legend Of Spud Murphy reminds you of the classic Roald Dahl stories. It is one of the lesser known books by Eoin Colfer who wrote the Artemis Fowl series. Eoin Colfer (pronounced Owen) was born in Ireland and was a school teacher before he decided to take up writing full time. When he was at school he learnt of the Viking stories in history class and was inspired by those tales and began writing. After he grew up and finished his University education he spent sometime teaching and then some years in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Benny and Omar, his first book is set in Tunisia and has now been translated into many languages.
Some of his other books include Going Potty (1999); The Wish List (2000); Artemis Fowl (2001);Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (2002)Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (2003) and many more.

Excerpt :

We walked across to her desk, clinging to each other like two frightened monkeys. There was a whole box full of ink stamps on the desk, and two more hooked into her belt like six shooters.
Spud Murphy glared down from a great height. She was big. Taller than my dad, and wider than Mum and my two aunties strapped together. Her arms were skinny like a robot’s and her eyes were like two black beetles behind her glasses.
‘Mum says we have to join the library,’ I said. A full sentence. Not bad under the circumstances.
‘That’s all I need,’ grumbled Spud. ‘Two more urchins messing up my shelves.’

Book Facts :
Publisher : Puffin
ISBN Code : 0-141-31708-6
No. of Pages : 90
Format : Paperback

Review - Shoma Mittra

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