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Wildlife Of India

Wildlife Of India is an exciting journey through the rich and varied wildlife thriving in diverse ecological zones of India. One can see the glimpses of wildlife in each and every region of the country. The natural world of India presents an awesome array of flora, fauna and animals reverberating with the sounds of the forests or jungle-the roar ofthe lions, the alarm call of a Sambhar Deer, the
trumpeting of a huge elephant, the whistle of a wild dog and the distinctive calls of plethora of birds. This book is all about the beautiful wildlife of the Indian Peninsula.

Book Details

Publishers: Ashok Gosain and Ashish Gosain for HAR-ANAND PUBLICATIONS PVT LTD
No. of Pages: 92
Price: INR Rs.150
Book Facts: First published-2005
Designed by: Icon Graphics
Printed : At Taj Press
ISBN 81-241-0970-2

Review - Parit Mehta

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