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Monkey Tales
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Monkey Tales
Author - Rohinton Mody

‘Monkey Tales by Rohinton Mody’ - a retelling of the Jataka Tales, is a perfect entertainer for the young kids. There are stories of a clever quickthinking leader who risks his own life to save his troop, another who outwits a demon, a third who fools a wicked crocodile, and finally a foolish monkey who tries to be the king's gardener for a day.
The author Rohinton Mody has retired from advertising to devote his time to writing. He is the recipient of several national and international awards. The stories have been beautifully illustrated and designed by Akhila Krishnan.

Excerpt from The Monkey King’s Sacrifice:
“The king told his archers to stop firing. “The monkey king must really love his subjects”, the king told his minister. And together they watched the monkey kings brave efforts to save his subjects.”

Book Facts

Language: English
Paperback: 56 pages
ISBN: 9788172237929
Cover Price: Rs. 295.00
Publisher: Harper Collins

Review - Beena Menon

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