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  • awatif:- How to play throwball?


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    Chhaya Janbandhu:-   
    Throwball is a very vast criteria. It can't be explained theorotically.But still I being a National referee can give you a short introduction to it.Throwball is an outdoor game played between 2 teams each containing 12 players(five of them are substitutes).there are two sets to be played. each set consists of twenty five points. If a team first completes the goal of 25 ptsit wins the first set. If it also wins the second set it is declared the winner of the match.this game is just like volleyball but we serve only with one hand and can catch with both hands. there is a way of throwing and catching the ball.if these ways are not followed there is a foul. there are 3 officials-a referee, an umpire and a scorer.

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