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Lesson Plan
“Reindeer Herders”

Dimdima Printed Magazine.
Vol No.3 No.11 December 2006
Page 18-19

Name of the Teacher K.J. SHASHIKALA
Class VIII
School B.V.B.P.S Jubilee hills, Hyderabad
Lesson plan Title “REINDEER HERDERS”
a) Testing Previous Knowledge
  1. Who lives at the Poles?
    (i.e Arctic region?)
  2. See the world map and point out the regions where
  3. Nomadic tribes live.
  4. Where is Siberia?

What's in Anchor

b) Motivation
  1. What do you call the nomadic tribe of Tundra or Arctic region?
  2. What do you know about the climate and the animals found there?
  3. Investor Russia – a nomadic in Tundra what he likes and dislikes.
c) Declaration of the Topic Today we shall start the topic the chapter on“Reindeer Herders”
Lesson Plan Summary
  1. Meaning of Tundra, Nenets tribe Mya, Migration, Sledges,Encroachment, rings
  2. Tribe’s language, their life styles, livelihood, food, clothing, shelter and transport
    • Nenets (The tribes) depend on reindeer for every thing
    • Food, shelter, transport, olden days medicines also.
    • The latest problems they face due to oil companies
    • Their region has world’s largest reserve of Natural gas
    • The problems faced by the reindeer –encouragement in their pazshire land, polluted litchers and Mosses
    • Any suggestions to prevent the degradation
    • Poem will recite written by a famous Nenets poet tells about oil spills, nuclear testing, and military activities.
Students Objectives and learning outcomes:
  1. The student identifies the problems of reindeer
  2. Herder(encroachment and pollution).
  1. The students interprets the reasons for the problems or the Crisis
  2. The students also interpret facts and differentiate that with present.
  3. The students discuss the reasons for depletion of reindeer and the enforcement of pasturelands.

The student suggests to prevent the encroachment and environment so that to help reindeer headers.


The students identify the areas (countries), which the similar problems are faced by the nomads like bushman and pygmies.

The student analysis the causes for it and try to recognize the importance of it.

  • The students prepare chart on tips to prevent the pollution and display them on the display boards.
  • The student prepares a newsletter on his research work.

  • A slip test is conducted on important items.
  • The student evaluates each others presentation.
Lesson procedure
  1. The teacher discusses the important concepts like how the nomads migrate, riding on sledges and encroachment by Russian companies.
  2. The teacher explains the causes for all their problems and how the nentribes hate city life.
  3. The students are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with the help of Encarta CD on the life of reindeer hardies, their life style and economic activities the students.
  4. The students are asked to write a short assignment on the tribes food habits, show storms in winter.
  5. The students’ presentations are show cased and the students explain them.
  6. The students are shown a documentary film on TUNDRA –Arctic Zone –Taken from various sources prepared by one of the social teacher.
  7. The students are taken to field trip –to Tribal Museum, Masab Tank, Hyderabad.
  8. The students present an assembly activity –on different tribes costume including Eskimos.
  9. The students prepare a model of Igloo and ‘MYA’ –a conical tent.
  10. The students prepare newsletter on their research –showing fur coat –its uses –how it is prepared.
Approximate time needed

15 days
Pre-requisite skills
  • The students must have knowledge of polar region,

  • Environment and the importance of human existence.

Materials and resources required
For the lesson
a) Technology

Computer, printer, Scanner, T.V, Encarta, and Internet Connection.

b). Printed material
Newspapers, magazine and ref-books.
c) Resource student

The student prepares chart on Igloo, Nevlt tribes costume and their economic activities.
d) Gifted Student:
The student conducts survey, research and compile it for Presentation.
Student Assessment

A slip test is conducted the students evaluate PowerPoint presentations newsletter and chart are also caused.
Key word search

Nenets, Mya, Oil Spill, Encroachment, and Migration.