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The Co-ordinates – A Game
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What makes 100 % ? (Std V)
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Park Survey (Std VII)
Ratio Quiz (Std VII)
Weight Check (Std VI)
This is an interesting activity which not only helps children to do quick addition and subtraction, but also helps them to be aware of the type of food they have to eat to get the required number of calories of energy.
i) perform basic operations like addition and subtraction
ii) round off numbers
iii) estimate the sum
Instruction to the teachers 

  • Write the table given below on the black board

What's in Anchor

Food Serving Size  Calories Food Serving Size Calories
Milk  1 glass 166 Orange juice  1 glass 102
Cheese  1 serving  106  Bread  1 slice 69
Banana  1 medium sized 132  Potato  1 medium sized 125 
Apple  1 medium sized 87  Beans  1 cup 375
Apple juice 1 glass 102  Egg  1 medium sized 77
  • Help the students use the table to answer the following questions. Incidentally, help them understand the type of food needed by them for their age.
    i) Avinash wants to eat but is particular that the total number of calories consumed by him doesn’t exceed 200 calories. Can he have an apple and a serving of cheese? 
    ii) Kruthi has 2 slices of bread and a glass of orange juice. She thinks she hasn’t exceeded 200 calories. Is her presumption correct ?
    iii) Rahul wants to eat and is particular that the number of calories consumed by him doesn’t exceed 400 calories. He has half a cup of beans and a serving of cheese. Should he have a glass of apple juice or a glass of milk?
    iv) Pooja cooks a cup of beans and bakes a potato. She thinks that the number of calories sums up to 500. Is she correct?
    v) Chitra eats a banana. She doesn’t want the number of calories consumed by her to exceed 200 calories. Can she have a slice of bread in addition?
  •  The teacher can come up with many such questions.