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Starch in Me? (Std IV)
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Starch in Me? (Std IV)
Conduct this activity after completing the topic on ‘Plant life’.
To help students to 
  • recall that plants store food in the form of starch.
  • detect the presence of starch in the given fruit or vegetable
  • use the detection test to identify different fruits, vegetables and food stuffs that contain starch.
Materials required
  • 1 plastic dropper
  • Small bottle of Iodine
  • Food stuffs like carrot, potato, apple, orange, papaya, tomato, milk, curds, rice, wheat and groundnuts.
  • 5 test tubes and filter papers

What's in Anchor

Instruction to the teachers

  •  Initiate a discussion by asking the following type of questions:
    i) How do plants prepare food?
    ii) How do the plants use the food prepared by them?
  • Explain how the food prepared by the plants that is stored as starch can be detected using a test.
  • Ask the children to do this activity in groups of 3.
  • Let them crush an apple or a potato in water.
  • Then, ask them to filter it using a filter paper, and collect the filtrate in a test tube.
  • Ask them to add a drop of iodine to the filtrate and record their observation.
  • Let them repeat this activity with the remaining food stuff.
  •  Initiate another discussion by asking the following type of questions:
    i) What changes did you observe in each case?
    ii) List the food stuffs in which the change was observed.
  • Explain to them that wherever a colour change was observed, i.e. the filtrate turned blue, it indicated the presence of starch on that food stuff.

Follow - up activities

  • Ask them to find out which food nutrient is starch.
  • Tell the students that there are tests to detect the presence of other food nutrients like fats and proteins too.