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Growing up with time (Std I)
Know Your Body (Std I)
Discover the word (Std II)
Get the pests – you are the best (Std II)
Unscramble the jumble (Std III)
Teething Problems (Std III)
Starch in Me? (Std IV)
Internal Affairs (Std IV)
Food Web (Std V)
The sky above you (Std V)
Crystal Creation (Std VI)
We are there but cannot be seen (Std VI)
Formula of chemical compounds (Std VII)
Element word search (Std VII)
Unscramble the jumble (Std III)
The need to spell the terms one comes across in science, correctly, is as important as knowing their meaning. One way to learn is to practice writing them. Other ways such as word search,  cross-word puzzles and unscrambling the jumbled letters also provide practice in learning the spellings. One of these activities is given below. It can be given after the unit ‘Weather Watch’ has been completed.
To help students to 
  • rearrange the jumbled letters in order to spell the word correctly.
  • discover the phrase using the given clue.

What's in Anchor

Instruction to the teachers
  • Ask the students to unscramble the following letters to form 5 meaningful words.
  • Then, let them rearrange the letters that are circled to form the phrase, using the clue.