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Growing up with time (Std I)
Know Your Body (Std I)
Discover the word (Std II)
Get the pests – you are the best (Std II)
Unscramble the jumble (Std III)
Teething Problems (Std III)
Starch in Me? (Std IV)
Internal Affairs (Std IV)
Food Web (Std V)
The sky above you (Std V)
Crystal Creation (Std VI)
We are there but cannot be seen (Std VI)
Formula of chemical compounds (Std VII)
Element word search (Std VII)
Teething Problems (Std III)
This activity can be given after the topic on “teeth” has been taught.
To help the child
i) identify the appropriate term.
ii) identify the odd man in the group.
iii) differentiate the types of teeth from parts of teeth.
Instructions to teachers:
Make photocopies of the diagram given below and distribute them amongst the children.
In the activity given below, begin, say at (1– M) and proceed to obtain a meaningful word. After you obtain and list all the five words, identify the odd man out and state the difference between the odd man and the other four words.

What's in Anchor

GET STARTED. One example is shown for you. The word is MOLAR.

2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
The odd man out is ___________________ 
Give reason: Why is this the odd man in the group?