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The Co-ordinates – A Game
Geo-Engine (Std I)
Rythmic Maths (Std I)
Adding in many ways (Std I)
Calculative Colouring (Std II)
Number Race (Std II)
Mental Trial (Std III)
Time story (Std III)
Calendar (Std IV)
Division of three-digit numbers (Std IV)
Mathematically speaking (Std V)
What makes 100 % ? (Std V)
Weight Check (Std VI)
Ratio (Std VI)
Park Survey (Std VII)
Ratio Quiz (Std VII)
Ratio (Std VI)
This activity can be given to students after they are familiar with the concept of “ratio” and “geometrical shapes”.
To help students to:
i) compare different geometric shapes and express their numbers as a ratio.
ii) inculcate visual thinking
Instructions to teachers:
Draw the diagram given below on the blackboard.

What's in Anchor

Then give the following instructions to students:  
1. Write the following ratios:
Number of:

a. Circles to rectangles
b. Rectangles to circles
c. Circles to triangles
d. Rectangles to triangles
e. Triangles to circles
f. Triangles to Rectangles
g. Circles to squares

2. Express each ratio in the form of a fraction