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The Co-ordinates – A Game
Geo-Engine (Std I)
Rythmic Maths (Std I)
Adding in many ways (Std I)
Calculative Colouring (Std II)
Number Race (Std II)
Mental Trial (Std III)
Time story (Std III)
Calendar (Std IV)
Division of three-digit numbers (Std IV)
Mathematically speaking (Std V)
What makes 100 % ? (Std V)
Weight Check (Std VI)
Ratio (Std VI)
Park Survey (Std VII)
Ratio Quiz (Std VII)
Division of three-digit numbers (Std IV)
This activity can be given to students after they are familiar with division of three-digit numbers.
To help students to:
i) divide three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers.
ii) identify the three-digit numbers that are divisible by 4, 5, 6 and 7.
iii) rearrange them in the appropriate circles.
Instructions to teachers:
Draw the diagrams as shown below, on the black board. It consists of two sets of four circles each. The smaller circle in the centre of each circle consists of a divisor. The numbers in the sections surrounding the smaller circle are supposed to be divisible by the number in the smaller circle. However it is not true in all the cases as the numbers in the sections have been wrongly placed. The students have to select the correct dividends for the given divisor in each circle and write them in the appropriate circles given in the second set.

What's in Anchor

Call the students one by one to come to the black board and ask them to rearrange the numbers in such a way that in each circle, the numbers in the four sections are divisible by the number in the centre. The students can fill the blank portions after figuring out the correct dividends. A sample is shown.