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The Co-ordinates – A Game
Geo-Engine (Std I)
Rythmic Maths (Std I)
Adding in many ways (Std I)
Calculative Colouring (Std II)
Number Race (Std II)
Mental Trial (Std III)
Time story (Std III)
Calendar (Std IV)
Division of three-digit numbers (Std IV)
Mathematically speaking (Std V)
What makes 100 % ? (Std V)
Weight Check (Std VI)
Ratio (Std VI)
Park Survey (Std VII)
Ratio Quiz (Std VII)
Number Race (Std II)
This game can be given as a follow-up activity after teaching “Ordering of numbers”. 

To help the students to:
i) identify the largest and smallest numbers.
ii) arrange the numbers starting from the largest to the smallest and vice-versa.

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Instructions to teachers:

1. Take the students to the playground. 
2. Draw the diagram as given below, on the ground.
3. Write the numbers within the circles as shown in the figure or prepare number cards and place them on the circles. 
Note: Any other set of numbers can also be used.

How to play: Ask the children to do the following: 

1. Ask a child to stand at “START”. 
2. Let the child hop from one circle to the other after reading the number written on it. 
3. Stop wherever there is a blank circle and write the correct number or keep the number card. Then hop on to the next circle. 
4. Walk along the direction as shown by the arrows. The winner is the one who fills all the circles and reaches “FINISH” first without making any mistakes. 
5. Repeat with different sets of numbers for other children.